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NEW! Unique Press Down Vape Cartridges



    Most vape cartridges on the market today are made from glass and metal.  This is one of the first all plastic vape cartridges with ceramic coil technology. Most of the plastic vape cartridges on the market have a cotton wick, these have a ceramic coil which is unique for an all plastic cartridge like this one. The white mouthpiece appears to be ceramic but is actually plastic, the clear body of the cartridge looks like it should be made from glass but is really made out of plastic.

    Some of our clients prefer a plastic style cartridge that looks like glass but won’t crack or get crushed like a glass cartridge. This is a very clean vape cartridge and has the same technology as our higher end V9 vape cartridges.  These are press down cartridges (unfortunately our press machine does not work with this style) but because the tip is plastic, you can tap it with a rubber mallet to permanently seal/press down the tip to the cartridge body.

    • Press Down
    • 1ml size
    • White Plastic Mouthpiece
    • Clear Plastic Body
    • Tap with rubber mallet to permanently seal
    • 10 unit / 100 unit increments