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Strawberry Banana (The Sensational Tasting Marijuana Strain)




Strawberry Banana (The Sensational Tasting Marijuana Strain): This Indica dominant (70%) strain is one of the most potent hybrids available in 2017. As well as rewarding you with a sweet and fruity aroma, Strawberry Banana is absolutely laden with THC; it goes as high as 28%!

After the delicious smell comes a gorgeous taste and Strawberry Banana hits you with a head buzz which is relatively mild but builds up into an intense sensation that keeps you feeling euphoric and energized. It eventually provides you with a body buzz that ensures you remain couch-locked until the high is finished.

Given its admirable potency, Strawberry Banana is ideal for severe medical issues such as chronic debilitating pain, loss of appetite, PTSD, Crohn’s Disease and arthritis. If that isn’t enough, this hybrid strain is also reported to be perfect if you’re in need of creative inspiration!

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