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Neuro XPF 25MG CBD Shooter (6Pack)

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Neuro XPF 25MG CBD Shooter (Six Pack)

Neuro XPF™ Shooters are infused with ISOTERP™ CBD, nano electrolytes, amino acids, and antioxidants for maximum athletic effect. Studies are showing that cannabinoids, like ISOTERP™ CBD, are making large strides in supporting the central nervous system for athletes. Neuro XPF Shooters provide rapid energy, hydration, and recovery in a small, 4.5oz bottle. Neuro Armour™ provides the health benefits of ISOTERP™ CBD, electrolytes and amino acids. Through Hydrosome Technology™ the body can rapidly absorb these ingredients and can immediately utilize them.

• Made with ISOTERP™ CBD
• THC Free
• Nothing Artificial
• Natural Plant Terpenes
• Rapid Absorption
• Nano Enhanced
• Great For All Ages


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