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Hemp Bombs MAX CHILL SHOT CBD 75mg



    Hemp Bombs MAX CHILL SHOT CBD 75mg


    Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shot is the foremost of convenience and relaxation. Max Chill is a CBD shot with 75 mg of pure Cannabidiol and a number of other natural ingredients designed to bring waves of relaxation over the user.


    Like other Hemp Bombs products, Max Chill is sourced from high grade European CBD Isolate, at over 99% purity. This means, the CBD Shot is not only a very pure product, but has absolutely zero THC. As a zero THC product, Max Chill is legal in all 50 states.


    Hemp Bombs has in-house manufacturing and high standards of quality control. All products are lab tested internally and by third parties to guarantee quality and consistency.


    If you are a person who struggles with mood, sleep, or stress, Hemp Bombs Max Chill is the solution you’ve been looking for. Max Chill is the most immediate way to intake CBD benefits and feel great now.


    Product Info

    • 2oz CBD Max Chill CBD Shot
    • 75 mg of CBD per bottle
    • Tested by Independent Labs
    • Non-THC, No failed drug test


    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 2 oz

    Servings Per Container: 1

    Pure CBD, L-Theanine, White Willow Bark, N-Acetyl-5-Methoxy Tryptamine,  Passiflora,