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CBD (Uncut) GRAND DADDY PURPS 1000mg 30% Cartridge with Terpenes



    CBD (Uncut) GRAND DADDY PURPS 1000mg 30% Cartridge with Terpenes

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    What is UNCUT CBD wax?

    Many CBD cartridges on the market today are CUT with either PG/VG, MCT, hemp oil, or other unnatural chemical carriers. These additives produce a thinned out, free flowing finished product and maximize profits by “spreading out” the CBD milligrams to as many products as possible. We do NOT do this. This cartridge is a pure, 100% chemical-free, organic CBD vaping experience with maximum milligram potency. Extra maintenance is required, but every ingredient is RAW and grown from the earth.

    Does organic CBD vaping require more maintenance?

    Yes! Since the oil inside is UNCUT, it solidifies quickly and must be warmed to keep everything towards the bottom of the cartridge. The double-click preheat function on your battery is very important. Colder weather may call for other heat sources like a heat gun, small flame, heater, or other source of warm air. This cartridge is made of 100% quartz and is built to withstand high heat. Make sure you LET THE MOUTHPIECE COOL after heating your cartridge.


    NOTE: There is little to no maintenance required if you keep the cartridge UPRIGHT as much as possible. Keeping the oil at the bottom on the cartridge and not letting it solidify while it’s laying down on it’s side is the easiest way to maintain your cartridge.

    Can you refill the cartridge?

    Yes! This is an extremely high quality cartridge that does not need to be tossed out once it is done. It can easily be refilled and used again with any type of wax.

    Cartridge feel stuck?

    If the cartdige feels stuck at all, BLOW HARD into it. This will clear the airways. REMEMBER! THERE IS ADJUSTABLE AIR FLOW BUILT IN THE TOP OF THE CARTRIDGE! Make sure the air holes are OPEN by twisting the metal adjustable band towards the mouthpiece. If the holes are closed, it will seem clogged.


    We start with our certified Non-GMO, super critical CO2 extracted, filtered, lab tested, EU ariel hemp extract expertly blended it with natural plant and fruit terpenes.

    What are TERPENES you say?

    Terpenes are small, organic, aromatic molecules that give plants and fruit their unique scent and taste. For example, you walk into a forest and smell the sweet aroma of pine. You are smelling the trees’ terpenes! Those little guys give pine trees the familiar aroma we all know and love. Pick up a fresh pineapple at the grocery store and give it a whiff. You are smelling the pineapple’s terpenes! Now, take it home, cut it open, and take a huge bite of it. You are tasting the pineapple’s terpenes!

    “The snozberries taste like snozberries!”

    -Willy Wonka

    Terpenes are mother nature’s purest form of flavoring. They are the key to our organic, chemical-free vape product. When properly extracted and blended, we can make our products taste exactly like the fruit or plant that it came from without the adding a single unnatural chemical! Sure, it’s the most expensive way to flavor products, but we spare no expense For The People.

    Like essential oils, terpenes offer many different benefits for the body. There are also prevalent in the cannabis family. Each type of plant or “strain” has it’s own specific blend of terpenes to give them their unique scent, taste, and effects. We offer 5 different strain profiles to give you the taste, smell, and effects of these strains without the high!  We encourage you to do your own research, learn as much as possible about these incredible compounds, and give all our strains a try to find your favorite! #pickyourstrain

    We hope our CBD gives you back the quality of life you deserve and makes you go outside more and smell the terpenes! At our company The People are our foundation first and foremost. Thank you so much for your support and business. If you are satisfied with our new product please spread the word so more people can trust and enjoy CBD For The People! If you have any questions, comments, love (or hate) mail, please contact us anytime. We are always here to help in any way we can.

    Specifications on cartridge:


    – Stainless steel housing body


    – 100% pure quartz tank


    – Ceramic coil heating element


    – Full variable voltage


    – 3.2 – 3.7 volts recommended


    – Built-in adjustable airflow band on cartridge tip


    – 4 hole intake technology