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Adjustable Airflow Vape Cartridges 1.0ml



    We recently ramped up our inventory due to the great feedback we have received on this product.  Our clients feel this is one of the best quality cartridges for the price.  We now have the capability to fulfill 5,000 unit orders (same day) which means our clients no longer have to wait weeks to receive a large cartridge order.  5,000 units orders can be shipped 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, or ground UPS.

    Why do our clients love this particular cartridge?  Our clients tell us this cartridge fulfills all of their needs. They like the adjustable top-airflow option and the fact that the glass cylinder is completely removable and very easy to put back together.  If there is any debris or dust inside the cartridge, you can remove the glass cylinder and remove it before placing it back on the cartridge base. Because it is so easy to clean, it makes for a great reusable vape cartridge.

    The top adjustable airflow is easy to adjust. Simply twist the adjustable airflow area while holding above or below the area and you will notice it spin.  While it is spinning you will notice the airflow go from full open to full close.  Feel free to try multiple settings, most of our clients prefer the airflow to remain 100% open for the best vapor hits.

    The removable glass cylinder has a thick gasket and creates an ultra tight seal which makes this cartridge leak-proof.  The thick gasket is very high quality silicone which bonds to the glass and creates a tight seal with the base of the vape cartridge; it can be removed and put back together many times before any significant wear.

    • Ceramic Coil – 1.0ml
    • Top Adjustable Airflow
    • 4 Large Oil Holes
    • Removable Glass Cylinder
    • Easy to Clean
    • High Quality – Great Price
    • Packed in Boxes/Foam Blocks of 50 Units