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Make A Payment

Make a Payment

We Only Accept The Following Payment Methods

  1. Wallet Account Balance (Loadable by Bitcoin checkout only for those who open up an account with us) Contact Us to Activate and  Load your Account with Funds to make purchase on our website.
  2. eGift Cards (After Placing Order, Must make Payment immediately after and confirm)


These are the mode of payments generally accepted to place order from us, and how to confirm any payment modes you choose.

A. Wallet Account (Loadable Via Bitcoins Payment Only)

  • Sign up for an account on our website and receive $15 in your wallet (signup wallet bonus). you can use this money to place directly on our website. But our minimum order amount is 250$, so you will have to top-up your account to make purchase completely with your wallet

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HOW TO CONFIRM BITCOIN PAYMENT : We Confirm bitcoins payment within 30 Seconds after sending Coins to our wallet.

B. Amazon eGift Cards (Recommended)

  • We accept only Amazon eGift Card from
  • * After placing your order with us, Your order will NOT be set ACTIVE for delivery. It will be “ON HOLD FOR PENDING eGIFT CARD CONFIRMATION
    * To set your package Active for delivery, Go to and search for eGift card.
    * Make purchase with your Credit or debit card and send eGift Card to our sales team only via
  • After buying and gifting the egift card to our, go to the contact us page and upload the payment receipt to confirm your payment to set your order to ACTIVE
  • Once you place your order, and instruction will be sent to your email on how to make payment using amazon eGift Card from use this payment option, Your Order is from $150 to $2000. Proceed with Payment via and upload Confirmation receipt in the Contact Us Form. 

HOW TO CONFIRM AMAZON PAYMENT : We Confirm gift cards payment within 5 to 6 mins after you send confirmation pics of purchase to sales department for confirmation.

N/B :

  1. Your tracking number for your package delivery will be sent to your email address as soon you send to us the confirmations of payment.
    For this reason, PLEASE USE YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN ORDERING. Your order will not be sent until after your payment has been completed.
  2. Do not Call requesting for AMAZON payment details. The only email you are required to make payment to is


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