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Although cannabis and hemp have been used over the years as a natural growing herb,
its awareness as a drug in certain parts of the world have strained the relationship between it’s users on one hand
and legal authorities on the other hand . Not withstanding, Cannabis essential oil is a very useful oil,
and is widely regarded as one of the most effective oils for dealing with certain illnesses.
Cannabis essential oil is gotten steam distilling the flowers and upper leaves of cannabis plants using steam.

3% CBD Oil (10ml)
3% CBD Oil (10ml)

Our Cannabis Oil is pure and potent. Never watered down or diluted, just 100% pure Cannabis Oil extracted from top quality marijuana grown by us and other trusted cultivators in southern California, laboratory tested, then offered for sale here.

What are the Benefits Of Cannabis Oil ?

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Appetite Booster
  • Pain Reliever
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Heart Health
  • Skin Protection
  • Glaucoma
  • Headaches and Migraines

Despite the fact that this list clearly shows that cannabis essential oil can effectively be used to cure most of our common health conditions,
it still doesn’t cancel the fact that it is a potent chemical substance extracted from a plant with psychotropic substances.
As such, great care should be taken on its use with respect to the quantity and conditions under which it is being used.
It is advice able to always consult a professional about mixing essential oils and present medications before adding any new elements into your health regime.

Directions for Making Cannabis Oil

Starting material:
To start treating most cancers you will need about 60 grams/ml of cannabis oil. To produce a full 60 gram/ml treatment of cannabis oil you would need to work with 1 pound or more of high grade cannabis and 2 gallons of solvent. The cannabis used should be as dry as possible. You can also use as little as one ounce of cannabis to produce your oil.  For every one ounce of high quality cannabis bud used, usually 3-5 grams of oil can be produced. The amount of oil produced per ounce of cannabis will vary from strain to strain, but it all has the amazing healing power.

For your solvent it is suggested to use 99/100% Isopropyl alcohol or 190 proof grain alcohol/Ever-clear. Do not use HEAVY NAPHTHA, COLEMAN FUEL OR VM & P NAPHTHA as a solvent because they can leave residual solvent in the oil. Making cannabis oil can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken.  Please always wear the proper safety equipment like safety glasses, safety masks and gloves to minimize your exposure to the solvent.  It is also very important to ALWAYS use a fan when making cannabis oil to carry solvent vapors away.  Without using a fan solvent can puddle under the rice cooker which is very dangerous.  ALWAYS use extreme caution when making cannabis oil.

CBD Coconut Hemp Oil Natural
CBD Coconut Hemp Oil Natural

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